5 Piece New Hampshire Goldback Gold Note Set

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Goldbacks are a unique form of spendable gold that is created by putting thin layers of gold together between two polymer sheets. Goldbacks aren’t legal tender, yet they serve as voluntary currency. This means that you can spend these Goldbacks dependent on the vendor’s discretion. The easternmost state that has accepted these unique gold notes is New Hampshire. The state set has 5 unique denominations ranging from 1 to 50. Now, you can order the 5 Piece New Hampshire Goldback Gold Note Set, containing all 5 notes in one set. Available now, at CanAm Bullion.

Set Highlights:

  • Available in protective sleeves!
  • All 5 denominations in the New Hampshire Goldback Set!
  • Set contains 91/1000th Troy oz of 24-karat gold.
  • The obverse field is unique for each Goldback in the set.
  • The reverse field is a replica of the obverse.
  • Please note that each set will have matching years on the 5 notes, with varying sets offering the potential for different years.

Goldbacks were first introduced in 2019 when 5 denominations were released for the state of Utah. In 2020, Nevada was released, followed by New Hampshire and Wyoming in 2021 and 2022, respectively. Each note contains a varying amount of 24-karat gold. For example, the 1 Goldback has just 1/1000th Troy oz of gold making it the smallest form us usable gold in the world. Whereas the 50 Goldback contains 1/20th Troy oz of gold.

The 5 Piece New Hampshire Gold Note Set has 5 unique obverse designs dependent on the gold note. While each design is unique to the denomination, there is a theme that runs through the set. Each Goldback in this set features the image of a woman, along with an animal, and a Latin word. For example, the 25 New Hampshire Goldback features a woman draped in the American flag with the Latin word “Fortitudine” displayed. This showcases that she represents fortitude. Also shown are two hedgehogs in the foreground.

The reverse field of each note in the 5 Piece New Hampshire Goldback Note Set features a mirrored image of the obverse. This is due to the thin nature of each Goldback. Any design element on the reverse would alter the design on the obverse.

Each 5 Piece New Hampshire Goldback Gold Note Set will be delivered to you in currency sleeves to preserve the condition of each note in the set. This set includes all 5 Goldbacks in the New Hampshire Series, this includes 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 Goldbacks. The set contains just over 1/11th Troy oz of actual gold content.

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